What you’ll learn

  • This course is designed for accounting and finance professionals who are keen to learn Financial Modelling in MS Excel. Financial Modelling and MS Excel are two key essential skills for all accounting and finance professionals.


Introduction to Excel Ribbon and Menu
Revision of Basics – Copy Paste, Cut Paste and Linking the Sheets
Data Sorting and Sub Total Function in Excel
What If Analysis and Conditional Formatting
Locking Cell References in Formulas
Fast scrolling and use of F5 function key
Using Macros for formatting your work sheet
Tables and Data Filters
Dynamic Naming in Excel
IF and AND Function
Cell References
Pivot Tables and Excel
Formatting tables professionally
D Sum and D Average Function
Finding and removing errors in your sheet
VLook up Function in Excel


Capital Budgeting Introduction

Compounding and Discounting
Discounted Cash Flow – DCF
What is Net Present Value (NPV) ?
Internal Rate of Return – IRR


Preparing forecast Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow

Introduction to Forecast Profit and Loss Statement
Forecasting Revenue and Cost of Sales
Forecasting Fixed and Variable Costs
Structuring the Profit and Loss Statement
Completing the Profit and Loss Statement
Structure of Statement of Financial Position – The Balance Sheet
Assumptions for Statement of Financial Position
Introduction to Cash Flow Statement
Forecast Cash Flow Statement
Completing the Statement of Financial Position
Completing the Statement of Cash Flow
Cash Flow Based Valuation


Capital Budgeting Introduction – Theory

Introduction to Capital Budgeting
Introduction to Risk
Beta Values and CAPM – Capital Asset Pricing Model
Geared and Ungeared Betas


Your first DCF based Financial Model

Introduction to DCF based Financial Model
Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedule
Depreciation and Tax Benefit
Calculating the Operational Cash Flows
Common Issues with Operational Assumptions
Weighted Average Cost of Capital and Beta
Calculating Project Beta, Cost of Equity and WACC
Getting the Final Output of DCF Model
Calculating the Internal Rate of Return – IRR
Sensitivity Analysis of the Project

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